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Ambulatory Services

The veterinarians at Weems and Stephens Equine Hospital have established a strong long-term relationship with breeding, training, and performance farms in the region, as well as individual horse owners, by providing a rapid response to owner’s request.  Whether it is an emergency or a scheduled appointment, high quality veterinary medicine can be expected in the field.  If additional treatment of your horse is necessary, an in-depth consultation or referral to Weems and Stephens Equine Hospital can quickly be arranged.  In addition to farm services, numerous area horse sales and equine events are attended by veterinarians from Weems and Stephens Equine Hospital. 

Sports Medicine

Solutions to sports medicine related injuries evaluated at Weems and Stephens Equine Hospital are custom tailored to each individual horse’s dilemma regardless of equestrian discipline.  Lameness constitutes a high percentage of performance limiting problems in horses; therefore, comprehensive diagnostics, current therapies, and performance horse management are available to maximize client’s expectations.  Our ultimate goal for the equine athlete is to reduce injury, while optimizing performance using evidence-based sports medicine.

We offer state of the art digital radiography and ultrasound to ensure superior imaging for our patients.

Special Services Provided:

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Shockwave therapy
  • Lameness locator and computer assisted lameness exams
Internal Medicine

Weems and Stephens Equine Hospital is prepared to address an array of medical problems that your horse may encounter.  Because of the high concentration of breeding farms in the area, we offer intensive neonatal care for sick or weak newborn foals.  Our addendum referral staff includes board certified veterinary ophthalmologists, neurologists, radiologists, cardiologists, and an internal medicine specialist that we consult with for atypical cases to ensure our patients receive proper and extraordinary care.

Podiatry Service

Weems and Stephens Equine Hospital podiatry service is devoted to successful treatment of a variety of foot conditions requiring medical and surgical therapy.  Most cases examined through the podiatry service necessitate corrective shoeing and a commitment to long-term foot maintenance. The podiatry team works in concert with a farrier affiliated with Weems and Stephens Equine Hospital.  The farrier has scheduled days and times at the hospital; however, cases requiring detailed attention to podiatry issues are welcome any day.

Reproduction Services

The principal goal of Weems & Stephens Equine Hospital reproduction services revolves around enhancing mare and stallion fertility. Because of the large number of commercial breeding farms in the immediate area, healthy foal production is imperative. The reproductive veterinarians at WSEH are experienced with protocols such as live cover, cooled semen, frozen semen and embryo transfers, as well as mare management including reproductive surgery. Proficient stallion management includes collection and shipment of cooled semen. Weems & Stephens Equine Hospital works closely with Select Breeders Southwest. 


The surgery facility at Weems and Stephens Equine Hospital is separated from the main building, consisting of a contemporary surgery suite and an adjacent recovery room providing efficient transportation to/from surgery.  The staff surgeons at Weems and Stephens Equine Hospital are knowledgeable, innovative, and well equipped to provide excellent surgical services, and handle a high volume of orthopedic, soft tissue, and emergency surgeries annually.  Every case is handled by an experienced surgical team headed by the surgeon, who is assisted by competent interns and a technical support staff to provide complete, attentive, and individualized care to your horse.

Surgical Services Provided:

  • Upper Airway Surgery
  • Colic Surgery
  • Laparoscopy
  • Cervical Vertical Stabilization (Wobbler/Basket Surgery)
  • General Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Reproductive Surgery
  • Arthroscopy
  • Fracture Repair
Diagnostic Imaging

We are equipped with high-resolution digital radiography both in the hospital and in an ambulatory setting. In the hospital we are also equipped with a high technique x-ray machine capable of imaging large parts of the horse’s anatomy such as the cervical spine, thorax, and pelvis. Our radiology suite is equipped with an adjacent induction and recovery stall enabling us to perform myelograms, pelvic radiographs, or other imaging studies under general anesthesia safely. We also offer state of the art digital ultrasound as well as videoendoscopy/gastroscopy.


The 24-hour availability of comprehensive, dependable test results is a fundamental asset when providing continuous care at Weems and Stephens Equine Hospital. Our laboratory services include hematology, blood gas analysis, serum biochemistry, bacteriology, and parasitology.

We offer McMaster’s fecal egg counts at any time for intestinal worm burden monitoring and determination of deworming protocol.


The pharmacy at Weems and Stephens Equine Hospital maintains an extensive spectrum of pharmaceuticals.  Frequent visitations by industry representatives update the staff of the newest advances in the pharmaceutical industry. We also have an online pharmacy available that can ship prescriptions to your front door, or anywhere that you travel.

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“Great set of vets with excellent 24 hour support staff of vet students. From general vaccines to complex surgeries, they have experience and some vets that specialize – eyes, lameness, metabolism issues, etc. Reliable coverage of emergency after-hours too.”

Top notch facility…. EVERYONE i came in contact with was extremely nice and helpful…. my horse recovered from his surgery with no issues due to the professional care he received here….

Weems & Stephens has very good vets and assistants. I have used this vet hospital for my horses for many years. They have handled everything from very complicated issues to routine care for my horses. They are very skilled and knowledgeable

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We offer 24 hour care for horses at our hospital 365 days a year.

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Our pharmacy is here to meet your needs both onsite and online. We carry a vast array of pharmaceuticals for your horse and we can deliver them just about anywhere you need!





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